Get Ready to Roar with 1979 Ford F-150 Custom and Its Dominant 460 Engine

The 1979 Ford F-150 Custom is a true classic American truck known for its dominant 460 engine that can produce up to 365 horsepower and 485 pound-feet of torque. With such impressive power and performance, the F-150 Custom is a truck that can handle any task or challenge thrown its way.

A Brief History of the Ford F-150: Explore the origins of the iconic truck.

1979 Ford F-150 Custom With 460
1979 Ford F-150 Custom With 460

The Ford F-150 has become one of the most recognizable and best-selling trucks in the United States, but its history can be traced back to the early 20th century. In 1903, Henry Ford founded the Ford Motor Company and began producing automobiles, including trucks.

The first Ford pickup truck was introduced in 1925, called the Model T Runabout with Pickup Body. It was designed to be a versatile vehicle that could be used for both work and personal transportation. The truck had a simple design with a flatbed in the rear, and it quickly became popular among farmers, ranchers, and small businesses.

Over the years, the Ford pickup truck evolved and improved. In 1948, Ford introduced the F-Series, which was specifically designed for commercial use. The F-Series included several different models, including the F-1, F-2, and F-3, which were designed for light-duty work. The F-4, F-5, and F-6 were designed for heavier work, such as hauling heavy loads or towing equipment.

In the 1960s, Ford began to focus on the needs of the everyday driver, as well as commercial users. In 1965, the company introduced the Ford F-100, which was a light-duty pickup truck designed for personal use. This model proved to be very popular and became the best-selling truck in America for many years.

Throughout the years, the Ford F-150 has continued to evolve and improve, becoming one of the most iconic and recognizable vehicles on the road today. The truck has undergone many changes in design, features, and capabilities, but its legacy of toughness, reliability, and versatility has remained consistent. Today, the Ford F-150 is still one of the most popular and best-selling trucks in America, and it continues to be a favorite among drivers and truck enthusiasts alike.

The 1979 Ford F-150 Custom: Uncovering Its Unique Features

1979 Ford F-150 Custom With 460
1979 Ford F-150 Custom With 460

The 1979 Ford F-150 Custom is a highly sought-after pickup truck that is still popular among collectors and truck enthusiasts today. This vehicle was designed with a number of unique features that set it apart from other trucks of its time.

One of the most distinctive features of the 1979 Ford F-150 Custom is its powerful 460 cubic inch V8 engine. This engine was capable of producing up to 245 horsepower and 380 lb-ft of torque, which made it one of the most powerful engines available in a pickup truck at the time. This power allowed the F-150 Custom to tow and haul heavy loads with ease.

In addition to its powerful engine, the 1979 F-150 Custom was also equipped with several other features that made it stand out from the crowd. For example, it featured a unique chrome grille and chrome bumpers that gave it a distinctive look. It also had an upgraded interior with high-back bucket seats, a center console, and a tilt steering wheel.

The F-150 Custom also came with a number of convenience features that made it a practical vehicle for everyday use. It had power steering and power brakes, as well as air conditioning and an AM/FM radio. These features made the truck comfortable to drive and made it a popular choice for both work and play.

Overall, the 1979 Ford F-150 Custom was a standout truck with a unique combination of power, style, and practicality. Its distinctive features and powerful engine helped to make it a popular choice among truck enthusiasts and collectors, and it continues to be a highly sought-after vehicle today.

The Power of the 460 V8: Uncovering Its Features and Production Numbers

1979 Ford F-150 Custom With 460
1979 Ford F-150 Custom With 460

The 1979 Ford F-150 Custom was a true powerhouse, thanks in large part to its massive 460 cubic inch V8 engine. This engine was the largest available option for the F-150 at the time, and it was a popular choice among truck enthusiasts who demanded high levels of power and performance.

The 460 V8 engine was first introduced by Ford in 1968 as a replacement for the aging 427 V8. It featured a larger bore and a shorter stroke than the 427, which helped to increase overall power and torque output. In the 1979 F-150 Custom, the 460 V8 was capable of producing up to 245 horsepower and 390 lb-ft of torque. This was a significant increase over the smaller 351 V8 engine, which was also available for the F-150 at the time.

In addition to its impressive power output, the 460 V8 also featured a number of other unique features that helped to make it one of the most popular engines of its time. One of these features was the use of a hydraulic camshaft, which allowed for smoother operation and increased reliability. The engine also featured a four-barrel carburetor, high-flow exhaust manifolds, and an electronic ignition system, which helped to improve overall performance and efficiency.

Despite its popularity, production of the 460 V8 was relatively limited, especially compared to other engines in the Ford lineup. Between 1968 and 1996, Ford produced a total of just over 1.7 million 460 V8 engines. This made it a relatively rare engine option, especially in later years when it was phased out in favor of more fuel-efficient powerplants.

Today, the 460 V8 remains a highly sought-after engine among truck enthusiasts and collectors, and it is still considered one of the most powerful and reliable engines ever produced by Ford. Its unique combination of power, performance, and durability has helped to make it a true legend in the world of American trucks.

Caring for Your 460 V8 Engine: Maintenance Tips and Tricks

If you own a vehicle with a 460 V8 engine, proper maintenance is crucial to ensure its longevity and optimal performance. Here are some tips and tricks to help you care for your engine:

1979 Ford F-150 Custom With 460
1979 Ford F-150 Custom With 460
  1. Regular Oil Changes: One of the most important maintenance tasks is to change your engine oil and filter on a regular basis. Oil is the lifeblood of your engine, and keeping it fresh and clean can help prevent premature wear and damage.
  2. Check the Cooling System: The 460 V8 engine generates a lot of heat, so it’s important to make sure your cooling system is in good working order. Check the coolant level and condition, and inspect hoses and belts for signs of wear or damage.
  3. Clean the Air Filter: A dirty air filter can restrict airflow to your engine, which can negatively impact performance and fuel efficiency. Make sure to check and clean your air filter regularly, and replace it if necessary.
  4. Inspect the Spark Plugs: The spark plugs are responsible for igniting the fuel in your engine, so they need to be in good condition to ensure proper combustion. Check your spark plugs regularly, and replace them if they are worn or damaged.
  5. Keep an Eye on the Belts and Hoses: The belts and hoses in your engine compartment are important components that keep everything running smoothly. Inspect them regularly for signs of wear or damage, and replace them if necessary.
  6. Use Quality Fuel: The 460 V8 engine requires high-octane fuel to run properly, so make sure to use quality fuel from a reputable source.
  7. Don’t Ignore Warning Signs: If you notice any unusual sounds, smells, or performance issues with your engine, don’t ignore them. Addressing problems early on can help prevent more serious issues down the road.

By following these tips and tricks, you can help ensure that your 460 V8 engine runs smoothly and reliably for years to come.

The 1979 Ford F-150 Custom: A Valuable Classic

The 1979 Ford F-150 Custom is a true classic pickup truck that has stood the test of time. It was a part of the seventh generation of the Ford F-Series, which was produced from 1980 to 1986. The F-150 Custom was first introduced in 1975 and continued to be produced until 1979, when it was replaced by the eighth-generation F-Series trucks.

One of the most remarkable features of the 1979 Ford F-150 Custom is its bold and boxy design. It features a large, square-shaped cab and a tall, imposing front end that gives it a commanding presence on the road. The truck was available in a variety of colors, including the iconic two-tone blue and silver combination that was popular in the late 1970s.

Under the hood, the 1979 Ford F-150 Custom is powered by a range of engines, including the legendary 460 V8 engine. This engine is known for its incredible power and torque, making it a popular choice for those who need to tow heavy loads or tackle tough off-road terrain. In addition to the 460 V8, the F-150 Custom was also available with smaller V8 engines and an inline-six engine.

Inside, the F-150 Custom offers a spacious and comfortable cabin that is perfect for long drives or tough work days. The dashboard is simple and functional, with easy-to-read gauges and controls that are within easy reach of the driver. The seats are upholstered in durable vinyl or cloth, depending on the trim level, and are designed to provide excellent support and comfort.

Despite being over 40 years old, the 1979 Ford F-150 Custom remains a highly sought-after classic truck. Its rugged good looks, powerful engines, and comfortable interior make it an excellent choice for collectors, enthusiasts, and anyone who appreciates a well-built and reliable pickup truck.

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